About Our Company

We Are Motivated By Professionalism

The main focus of Sarehja Atleisure Private Limited is on generating CAD designs for metal related products and structures, machined parts is our expertise. We have qualified manufactures for Hardware related products such as Fasteners and Nuts. Our engineers, who are experts in the field, specialize in locating designs for Mechanical parts or reproducing parts according to the required specifications. We collaborate with specific shops to produce components based on either Military or commercial standards. Our registered office is located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

Our team is motivated by professionalism and driven by the desire to create the best designs and drawings. We tirelessly search the market for high-quality metal parts design and manufacturing solutions to offer you great prices and reasonable delivery periods. Our products bring aesthetic value to the environment and are also designed for optimal functionality.

Qualified Team

We have qualified team with Sales Experience to source manufacturers and Highly skilled Engineers with vast technical knowledge of Mechanical and Electrical designs to implement high resolution drawings.

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